features & Benefits


  • Relaxes skin, softens hairs, removes dirt and oil from within pores and raises hairs

  • Prevents/eliminates Ingrown Hairs, Razor Bumps, Razor Burn, and Acne

  • Only uses hot water NO CHEMICALS

  • Maximizes the effects of your favorite shaving products

  • No need to take long hot showers in order to shave

  • Beard Blanket only takes 30-45 seconds to prepare your skin and hairs for shaving

  • Can be used in conjunction with pre shave oils, balms, conditioners, etc 


  • Apply Beard Blanket for only 15-30 seconds after shaving to complete your post shave routine

  • Only need to use to cold water to hydrate, tighten, and reduce skin inflammation

  • Maximize the effects of your favorite post shave products including oils, conditioners, etc.

  • Beard Blanket’s tight even pressure helps stop bleeding from accidental cuts from shaving



  • Maintain your beard: Use your favorite beard care products with Beard Blanket’s hot/cold and moisture features to enhance your favorite beard care products

  • Works with beard oils, balms, conditioners, moisturizers, shampoos etc

  • Hydrates and cools down the skin underneath your beard.

  • Helps in controlling and preventing itchy beards


  • Reduces acne breakouts on your cheek and neck areas by removing excess oil from within the pores produced by overactive oil (sebum) glands.

  • Reduces inflammation, tightens, hydrates and cools down the skin.

  • Enhances the effects of acne products 


  • BeardBlanket makes pre and post shaving easy and part of your daily shave routine.

  • Pocket Storage for your favorite razor, razor cartridges, scrubbers, shaving cream bottles, oils, moisturizers etc. 

  • All-natural: Only uses hot/cold/infused water NO CHEMICALS

  • Neoprene center layer retains heat & cold

  • Terry cloth inner layer is soft and absorbs moisture

  • Quick, simple and hands free

  • 5 inches of velcro for multiple adjustments to fit different face shapes

  • Fabric dries in just hours. Hang it on any hook or towel rack

  • Durable

  • Small, light and durable

  • Take it anywhere you go: work, next business trip or vacation

  • Reusable and washable

  • Perfect for the military who need to shave on the go without access to a sink 

  • Perfect for hospitals, nurses and care givers who take care of disabled persons 

  • Utility & Design Patent pending

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