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  • BeardBlanket® is completely HANDS FREE

  • No musty or moldy smells

  • Reusable and dries in just hours

  • Total even pressure against the skin

  • Works in 45-60 seconds

  • Patent pending (Both Utility & Design)

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Long hot showers, washcloths, products with chemicals are not long term solutions.  Save time and money by using an ALL_NATURAL product like BeardBlanket® that will last for hundreds of shaves and only adds seconds to your shave.

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Save an extra 20% OFF with code - SHAVERS20

Offer Expires 3/31/2020 

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What are the benefits of using BeardBlanket® for pre-shaving?
What are the benefits of using BeardBlanket ® for post-shaving?
I just take a hot shower instead of using BeardBlanket®?
I can just use a towel rag and wet it with hot /cold water to create the same effects as BeardBlanket®?

 I have a Beard. Can I use BeardBlanket® to maintain it?

I suffer from acne on my beard and neck area? Can I use BeardBlanket® to help reduce breakouts?

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Save an extra 20% OFF with code - SHAVERS20

Offer Expires 3/31/2020