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BeardBlanket For Your Shave Routine

Pre-Shave Routine

  • Uses Hot Water for Pre-Shaving

  • Get your hairs ready for shaving in just 30-60 seconds. (no need for long hot showers)

  • Relaxes skin to create an even and smooth surface for razor to glide

  • Softens facial hairs

  • Releases dirt and oil from within pores

  • Facial hairs absorb moisture making them fuller and raised resulting in a closer shave

  • Produces a close and smooth shave

  • Reduce/Eliminate Razor Bumps/Burn

  • Reduce/Eliminate Ingrown Hairs

  • Works with pre shave oils & pre shave shave balms, 

  • Extends the life of any razor as it does not have to work as hard to cut through the hairs.

  • It's like having that Barbershop Hot Towel Shave right in your own home

AfterShave Routine

  • Uses cold or essential oil infused water or your favorite natural aftershave

  • Only takes 15-30 seconds

  • Hydrates , tightens and reduces skin inflammation after shaving

  • Provides a long lasting cooling effect

  • Works with after shave oils & after shave balms/conditioners

  • The snug fit and even pressure of the mask quickly stops any bleeding due to accidental cuts or nicks while shaving.

  • Only uses cold water for post shaving. NO need for irritating CHEMICALS commonly found on after shave splashes

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