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The Barbershop Hot Towel Shave

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

We all love the hot towel shave at the barbershops because we always get the smoothest and closest shave. The reason why is because the hot moist towel opens up the pores and softens the facial hairs on you face allowing the sharp razor glide through the skin. Unfortunately we can't visit the barbershop on a daily basis. Even when we attempt to soak a regular towel at home to shave it just doesn't work the same. First, you are NOT laying down on a chair like at a barbershop so now you have to hold the towel with both of your hands and the towel pressure against the face is not even. The towel is also heavy, dripping water everywhere . Just not the same. What if you you could have a product that will achieve the famous barbershop shave every time.

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