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Why you should never skip on preparing your skin and hair for your shave/beard care routine

If you are not willing to look like Robinson Crusoe the very next weekend, you definitely need to shave your face. Even if you love to have a little bit of bread on your face to look more “manly,” still you need to shave to keep the beard in proper and organized shape at least.

When we have the time and money, it is quite convenient to go to the local barber’s shop and get a nice, comfy shave and beard care routine, becoming handsome in the process. We all know how painful it can be when you have to DIY the whole process. Trying not to cut yourself and having an eye on the mirror at the same time, is such a pain in the ass!

But it is not possible to run to the barber’s every single time you have excess facial hair. You may have a date or a business meeting the very next hour and a shave is due right now. In a situation like that, DIY is the only way to go.

When we shave our beards ourselves, we make a grave mistake; we don’t take any pre-shave measures. Did you notice that your barber doesn’t start shaving your face right when you sit on the chair? Even if you didn’t notice it earlier, think about it now and you’ll fully understand. Of course, there is a good reason as to why they do this. After all, they are the experts, right?

During the pre-shave period, barbers prepare your skin and facial hair so that you can get a comfortable and safe shaving routine. They know better than you on how this should be done. Professional barbers always suggest men to take pre-shave measures when they are doing it at home.

There are a number of reasons to explain this. First, it’s totally rubbish that some branded shaving cream and expensive razors can take care of the whole thing. These are definitely important elements of shaving, but they don’t nullify the importance of the pre-shave process. Pre-shave measures soften the beard better and ensure that the skin is safe.

No matter how expensive your shaving cream is, it does have some negative impact on your skin when you apply your razor over it. Remember how dry the skin of your face felt right after you shaved your face with a razor and some soap? That dryness goes away when you apply after-shave lotion. But that gives a sign you need to care about.

Pre-shave measures are needed for neutralizing the pernicious impacts wet shave has on your skin. On top of that, if your beard is softened enough, you’ll need to put less force. Hence, the risk of getting cut is reduced.

But the problem is that it seems quite tough to take pre-shave measures like applying steam towels at home. We tend to think these are very time consuming, which is actually true. But what if that problem is solved?

Yes, that problem can actually be solved! BreadBlanket is designed and developed to take away all the trouble men have to go through while shaving without any preparations. You won’t have to go to a barber shop for all these; rather the shop will come to you.

BreadBlanket is even more comfortable than wet towels used by barbers. It is lighter and allows more air flow. Using the BreadBlanket face mask will prepare your beard and skin for shaving, and give protection from acne.

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