Dominate your Shave

Conquer YOUr Life

All Natural Pre and Post shaving in 60 seconds 
How does BeardBlanket® Work?

Healthy Skin Is Here At Last

  • Shaving can take a lot out of your precious face.

  • Dry skin, razor burns/bumps, & acne are all a thing of the past with Beard Blanket’s safe, all-natural approach to shaving.

Banish Dirt & Oil

  • A quick encounter with Beard Blanket before shaving will flush out pores and leave your skin clean, acne-free and baby-smooth.

  • Relaxes your skin while it softens your whiskers. Hand wash & air dry as needed.

Electric or Blade

  • No need to stand around in the shower wasting precious water waiting for your beard to soften.

  • Do your part for the planet while doing your face a favor.

  • Beard Blanket’s even pressure can even help close cuts and abrasions.

  • Perfect for assisting a disabled loved one having trouble shaving.

So Amazingly Portable

  • Folds up easily in a satchel for your next archeological dig.

  • Packs away in the corner of your tank bag for your next cross-country motorcycle trip.

  • Easily hand-wash & air dry when you’re done.

Beards Are Great

  • Men around the country know it - beards bring us closer to our inner Rail-Splitter. But taking care of your facial Lincoln-locks can be hard work.

  • Beards get brittle & dry. Beard Blanket can help, honest. Use it to supercharge beard balms, oils, and conditioners.

Any Color You Want - As Long As It’s Blue

  • Five inches of Velcro allows a custom fit.

  • Two custom-sculpted pockets fit a razor & handle or conditioners and other shave products.

A few words from Marcos & Mike,
 creators of BeardBlanket®

As two veteran police officers, our profession requires us to be clean shaven at all times. This led us to suffer from many of the side effects, including ingrown hairs, razor bumps and razor burn.  We tried every product on the market but nothing seemed to work. We decided to take matters into our own hands and created a solution that is natural, quick and effective. BeardBlanket® not only puts an end to all the negative shaving side effects, but it also makes shaving easy, enjoyable, and not just a boring daily chore. 

We believe that you will love BeardBlanket® and all of the benefits it provides.  We are very excited you have visited us here and can't wait to hear your thoughts.   

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