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Healthy Skin Is Here At Last

  • Shaving can take a lot out of your precious face.

  • Dry skin, razor burns/bumps, & acne are all a thing of the past with Beard Blanket’s safe, all-natural approach to shaving.

Banish Dirt & Oil

  • A quick encounter with Beard Blanket before shaving will flush out pores and leave your skin clean, acne-free and baby-smooth.

  • Relaxes your skin while it softens your whiskers. Hand wash & air dry as needed.

Electric or Blade

  • No need to stand around in the shower wasting precious water waiting for your beard to soften.

  • Do your part for the planet while doing your face a favor.

  • Beard Blanket’s even pressure can even help close cuts and abrasions.

  • Perfect for assisting a disabled loved one having trouble shaving.

So Amazingly Portable

  • Folds up easily in a satchel for your next archeological dig.

  • Packs away in the corner of your tank bag for your next cross-country motorcycle trip.

  • Easily hand-wash & air dry when you’re done.

Beards Are Great

  • Men around the country know it - beards bring us closer to our inner Rail-Splitter. But taking care of your facial Lincoln-locks can be hard work.

  • Beards get brittle & dry. Beard Blanket can help, honest. Use it to supercharge beard balms, oils, and conditioners.

Any Color You Want - As Long As It’s Blue

  • Five inches of Velcro allows a custom fit.

  • Two custom-sculpted pockets fit a razor & handle or conditioners and other shave products.

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