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Two Police Ofiicers from NY invent facial mask for shaving, beard care and acne treatment

Marcos Acosta and Michael Gregorio are two NY veteran Police Officers who dedicate their lives protecting and serving. Their profession requires them to always be clean shaven. Being clean shaven led them to suffer from all the negative side effects of shaving such as ingrown hairs, razor bumps, razor burn etc. They both tried every single product on the market that claimed to get rid off these problems. Marcos and Mike always thought that there had be a better and simpler way for men to shave.


One day, on a cold winter morning of 2018, Marcos had to assist in escorting a funeral for a fellow fallen officer on his police motorcycle. The funeral was many miles away from Marcos police Headquarters in Westchester, NY. Marcos wore all of his winter gear along with a wind mask which he had recently purchased to protect his face. He joined his fellow motor officers and together they all rode to the funeral home. The ride took a little over an hour , but by the time they got there , the weather had warmed up significantly. Upon arriving at the funeral home, Marcos removed his winter gear and mask. To his surprise, after removing his wind mask, Marcos felt that his face was warm, moist and his growing facial hairs were very soft.


It was at this moment when the light bulb went on in his head and he realized that he could create a mask to facilitate and enhance shaving. Marcos immediately shared his idea with his work partner Mike and they both began working on their shave mask prototype. After researching tons of fabrics, spending hours upon hours drawing, creating and sewing templates, BeardBlanket was finally born. Marcos and Mike have brought BeardBlanket to life on their own. They have built up their brand with simple yet catchy ads and have drawn attention from not only the audience but investors as well.


These two men are a great example that the American dream is still alive and within reach for anyone who puts their hard work into making a change in this world. Show your support by sharing their story and journey on becoming the company that changes the shaving world. BeardBlanket- Shave the way it’s meant to be done

MArcos Acosta


 Michael GRegorio

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